Innocence lost…

Sometimes I get so angry…

I was too young to ever know innocence

My childhood was taken from me

Then it was restored

I was set right with God~

By getting completely

Honest with my loved ones…


For a brief moment in time

I knew an innocence

Like never before~


This love of Christ

So few know

It keeps me going

When absolutely nothing else will

Not even booze

Would help me now…


I have always known

I am blessed

I’ve never doubted Christ’s love for me


I get so tired

Of being tested

It’s all I’ve ever known

Men testing my innocence

It makes me scream!


Yesterday felt like

I left my innocence


This time

As an adult

Hurts even more


Does not one Christian understand?

Peace does not come from justice

But from

A helping hand!

I read a prayer
When I got home

The church called it a prayer for healing

It made me crazy…

The author

Might want to ask

What healing might look like…

Peace and justice are in conflict!

Tearing me in two~


What is an amends?

Reaching out to your victim




I was wrong
I wronged you


Just imagine the healing from those words alone…
Never has an actual abuser of authority Apologized to me
No one

You had such potential Jr~
But you decided your title was important
You chose an insurance company
Over friendship
You freaking fool!
I hate you for that

I really do

You could have helped heal me
Instead, you protected
Your little empire

Such a shitty pastor
It’s unbelievable

So sue me he said~

That was

His kiss goodbye…

Tell me friends

When does it end?

When will the minister

Grow a pair?

Let’s all wait and see

Tell me Jr…

Have your balls dropped yet?

Happy New Year!


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