My learning curve…

This is what I’ve come to believe
God will always correct us
When we go off course
He sends help
To remind us
Who do you work for?

All these questions

Men won’t even accept the
Testimony of the Mother, Her Son, or Her husband
Why would they be able to

You scholars question the wrong thing…
The Messiah must come from a virgin.

So men will believe~

Yet instead of being mystified
You focus on sexual intercourse
Instead of

Study away scholars
But remember this…
Prophecy is both
Warning and promise

I am your warning
And your promise

I will always work for the betterment of mankind~
Always have
Always will

I learned my ‘friends’
Would rather
Have me sue
Than be real

I refuse!

All God wants is a pure heart, nothing more
Men make it about sexuality
One pure human heart with a womb
Tell me boys
Did you grow?

That’s what
This Mary
Wants to know~

Did your limited understanding of religion grow?
Then mission complete.

My learning curve?
Religious bull shit
Drives me insane!

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