I will always share my goals~

I read the start of an article. The headline grabbed my attention. Why I shouldn’t share my goals…hmm. Sounds like someone is promoting competition. Let’s read on. I didn’t get far. Sure enough, the article states there are winners and losers. The names in history you never remember, losers. It’s this mentality that keeps people in everlasting competition. It seriously pisses me off. Why? Sharing my goals saves my life…

How I stayed away from alcohol in the midst of the pain of life…

The first thing I do is surrender myself

The next thing I do is surrender my beliefs

Then I surrender to the Mystery

That’s what

God asks of me…

Don’t drink

No matter what

Everything else is product

I share my hopes

I share my dreams

I share myself

My fears

My flaws

My success

Only teamwork will change things

Christian men who claim superiority?

Your day has arrived

My Lord


Only humble hearts

Enter His Realm

Share my goals?

You better believe it!

That’s His point







Those who condemn the virtue of religion, are closed. Those who See where it is wrong?… Divine

Men are not superior to women

Women can be priests

Men can be nuns…

Who would believe such blasphemy?


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