My Message

My Dear Bouncer~

We can teach each other…

I know nothing about Church bureaucracy,
Nor do I want to…

I am appropriate when treated with respect~

When questioned about my authenticity?

My faith…

I get furious!


I have great faith!

I am human

It is I who knows

I don’t have to prove myself or my faith

But I choose to give this to you

I give you my word

You know me to be true

Don’t worry~

We will have a new priesthood,

One that knows how to address

Sexual misconduct of any sort!


Unhealthy behavior

Shaming of others

Oppression of dedicated relationships &

Forced celibacy

Not recognizing healthy whole sexuality as sacred

Controlling marital relations

It’s a mess…

How can’t it be?

Ignoring and suppressing sexuality

For centuries

Is no solution to priesthood

Let’s change the system~

One which promotes
Healthy consciousness &
Sacred relationship…

Victims should never know shame
They should be praised
For their bravery

Says this fisherman’s wife &
Fellow Christian~

Your faithful friend,

Catholic to the end~

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