Regretfully yours,

August 27, 2018


So very bitter-sweet

Oh how it teaches me

I should have said

How I really felt…

I think you are a coward and a fool
I gave you the

Benefit of the doubt

I assumed honesty

In a non-existent relationship

My greatest regret?

Having come to you two for help.

I knew I would have to forgive you

I didn’t know when or

For what

He told me:

Go here and tell them this…

Do you remember what I said bonnie’s boys?

I remember.

My regret?

I trusted two

Untrustworthy ministers

Who have no regrets

How many times must I fall?

Before I learn

It’s all a show~

What they should regret:

This little girl is never coming back.

I’m done with churches

Using me

So I will tell you everything and

Let you decide

Am I justified?

Tell me true?

Should I be angry, indignant and insulted?

You better believe it…


You disrespect

He who sent me

The very teachers who pray for such things

Sent the messenger away

Tell me bonnie’s boys

Do you regret?

I regret

Ever meeting you

I regret

Trusting you

I regret

Loving you


I regret…


Most of all
I regret
The end~

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