My truth…

I get to file yet another complaint. Since I was brave enough to tell my parents at age 5 to now, I have never had the actual abuser apologize for their wrongdoing. Saying sorry is not apologizing. Admit your wrongdoing Jr. That twisted Church broke my fragile mind with testing me and you claim innocence.

After a lifetime of forgiving church leadership for raping and abusing me, I am left feeling abused. Abuse of every kind. Perversion of power.  Herald the Sketcher, you are a pervert.  I recognize perversion of many kinds. The number one offender: power. People who enjoy holding some sort of authority over you. Whether in reality they do or not is key too. The more external power they aquire, the more enjoyment they get from abusing it.

Herald your perversion is that you got off on scaring me. I saw it the moment I sat down. I thought, I don’t know this guy, let’s see what he has to say. Sure enough, perversion. I was shocked because my good buddy Steve next to me, sat there nodding in agreement.

You see, Herald thought he would teach me what church is. He wanted to explain in detail how the preacher sows his seed. Then he explained how the bride of the church, the congregation, receives the seed. He liked confusing me as to why he was there. He enjoyed further damaging a scared, confused, crying woman.

I forgot to mention that. When I bumped into my buddy Steve, I was crying. He said are you ok? I said no. That’s why I sat down. Only to be accosted.

Just like Jr did a year later.  Jr: Are you ok? Me: No. Jr: Well let me traumatize you some more and ignore your plight. Sorry, don’t know who Herald is and I haven’t talked to Steve in years. Me: Thanks there friend.

Me: Bonnie can you help me? Bonnie: Sure, I’ll get the details of your story, and ignore the validity. I’ll allow a perversion of the church to continue, and after making you wait for months on end, I will tell you to go talk to the offending pastor.

Pope can you help me? Yes. I will help you. Go talk to Sean. See you soon Sean. Let’s find Herald together. Consider it team building. A token of Peace. Herald you little pervert, I want the world to know you’re a pervert.

Herald you are a pervert. Jr you are a coward. Bonnie you are a fraud. Perverts, cowards and frauds. Reformed Church. Not.

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