Open letter to CRCNA

Dear Elders, members and leadership,

I learned no matter where I go for spiritual support, I will be used. I learned that men have egos that will destroy goodness. I learned women will support such thinking to the detriment of themselves and others. I learned institution supports oppression. I learned the Church is the richest state on earth. I learned I really don’t matter to any Church. I learned Church is for Church not people. I learned pastors and preachers are just as twisted as priests. I learned nuns are just as twisted as dutiful wives and ministers.

I learned to never trust another representative of any Church. I learned what churches taught me. I learned at an early age…but I still hope. I hope someday, somehow Christ’s true Message will be taught. Love yourself so you can love others the way God loves you.

Tell me Jr, is it easier to ask for permission or for forgiveness? Who is Jr? New England Chapel’s founders. The whole show.

Jr,  I think you are horrible. Frank can you slap Jr for me? Jr you can slap Herald. I’ll slap everyone involved. Then we can call it even. Just one hard swift kick…maybe 2. You coward Jr. I hate you.

Frank inherited a mess and I know one thing that would help. Fire Herald, and slap Jr. That would help.

Tell me Jr, has Herald drawn any sketches lately. Has he whispered in your ear? Did he show you his sage? Did he describe how they kiss? Did he explain how he misses her? He did me. Want more details? You like learning what happened. Does it make you feel powerful knowing I was afraid? Or maybe you just want to help. Either way you are twisted little shit.

Tell me Jr, did you ever once consider my story? I will see justice, not through suing, but through shouting as loud as I can until you grow a pair. This crazy woman is your creation. I will expose you if it’s the last thing I do. You Jr owe me an explanation. In writing. Delivered to my husband. Yesterday. Last year. Last 3 years actually. You are a coward and a fraud.  3 years you hid the truth. I hate you for that. I hate you for never taking the time to help with finding that pervert. I hate you for lying to my face. I hate you and your little church. You did that Jr. All in one afternoon. Your legacy. I hate you.

Mary McWilliams~
Your legal nightmare isn’t going away anytime soon Jr. You fraud.

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