Guess what I learned yesterday…

I learned the church I attended for 10 years would rather me sue than be honest. That is pitiful. Absolutely pitiful. You call yourself Christian. I seriously hate frauds. I want the world to know what the congregation did to me. Testing me, breaking me, lying to me, hiding the truth, manipulation and worst prayer. I want the world to know that. That’s where the archdiocese comes in. Your little men’s ministry. Your little men’s ministry founded by whom? Twisted to suit whose needs?  Tell me pastor: is it better to ask for forgiveness or for permission? Fools. So sick, you don’t even know how sick you are. I want that church held accountable.

Tell me Jr, does Herald draw sketches for you too? Does he explain what they mean? Does he take the time to tell you the difference between seed and womb? Does he take the time to explain how preachers yearn to spread their seed? Does he then take your hand and whisper in your ear?

I learned my former pastor would rather lie than be honest. I learned churches would rather go to court than do the right thing. I learned my lesson. You, Jr, are a coward. Bonnie you take those nickels and shove them up your ass. Maybe you’ll crap diamonds, you witch.

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