Love is heaven sent


August 2018

Sweet drops

Of your


My crimson rose

Sent from heaven above

Just for me

The finest slice

Of white bread

My man is

Plain to the point of perfection

Honed in honey

Simply himself…

This is all of me

His confidence shows

Rest some

I said

He keeps me afloat

Is it worship?


It’s appreciation for God’s handiwork

Just for me

Oh my God!

You do love me 

I look at you and

I see

Richness in your shadowy depths

My crimson rose

What is it like

To actually glow?

Your color comes through

Softness in monochrome

Something about your tone and magnitude

Silky texture

Cannot be contained

Tell me

My crimson rose

What is it like

To actually be you?

Perfect in your simplicity~

Complex in beauty

Each layer

Adds to your

Entrenched electricity

To your very core

Only one goal in life

To sow more seeds of beauty~

Oh to be

My crimson rose

Tell me True ~

What is it like to be you?

Connection I See

Timeless energy

Just a glimmer

Coats my core

Renewing my


You deliver that

Straight to my heart

Planted in the grass

Engulfing me

In Your

Timeless energy

If I have but one wish

It is to remember

Your tenderness~

My love wrote me a poem

Told me what he would do

If given the chance

He would stay

Forever true~

This is how I know

I’m blessed~

I’m broken and he helps

Me to heal

Forever true~

Honest to the core

Understanding me~

Like no other

This love of mine

Sent from heaven above

Teach me~

Your tender




When I step back

To view my life

I See


All around me

My past is my teacher

My future is my friend

My present is my husband

Sent from

Heaven above

To teach me


He grounds me

This dreamer

Needs practicality

He keeps me accountable

Which causes strife

The art of negotiating

Steps in

This is me

I’m doing the best I can

If you want my honesty

Here I am

I’m not going anywhere~

My saving Grace

Taught me that

Long ago~

I thank God for him

Every day

My man

So powder fine

A real gem

The finest slice of white bread

Refined some might say


He’s good for me

My balance beam

My man

So cool under pressure

His kindness always shows

Eager to listen

Something to share

He’s my Sage

My medicine…

One of my many


I have many

Lots and lots

For lots of lots

It makes me grateful

To be a modern American woman

Free to choose

What I do

Thank God for medicine &

The doctors who created them &

The earth that produces them

Thank God for modern medicine

Otherwise I don’t know

Where I’d be

I remember so clearly

The day you realized

You weren’t

Afraid for me anymore

I remember sensing your relief

In trusting again

I hurt you so deeply

I remember saying

‘I can never change the fear I caused you

But I want you to know~

I will never lie to you ever again’

All those years of lying about drinking

Never again!

My affair was with a bottle

My lady love

My mistress


Never will I go back again

Mistress Alcohol

No longer owns me

I’ve been set free

My other sage did that for me

I have many sages

My prescriptions

Are God sent

There are many

This much I know

This Mary

She doesn’t lie anymore

I lost that privilege

Long, long ago

The last few years

Every wound

Ripped open

Sometimes I wonder if

I’ll ever really be the same

I miss being that carefree

That is what broke me

Protecting the wrong reputation

Just to be clear~

No one punched me

I dropped my keys

Leaving for church

One Sunday morning


This is what I learned

To cleave

Is an action

It takes everything

Somebody somewhere

Along the way


Honesty is an action

Not just a thought

Honesty follows through

So who did

Give me my black eye?

My tender teacher


She made me stop and think

What is this all about?

Where do I go from here?

What do I want?

What is Karma showing me?


The world marches on

Endless industry

Churning out recycled prejudice

It makes me furious

So I will tell the world

This is my experience

No imitation here

Pure vanilla ice

Frost bite?

This I learned

Without a doubt

My marriage

Saves me

From myself

It’s worth

My soul~

Husband of mine

You mean

Everything to me

A God sent gift

Just for me

My daily reminder

God loves me

Love of mine

You are simply


The finest slice of white bread


How I love you


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