Dear bonnie boy~

These words I write

Some call them poems

Others prose or prayers

I write them as they come

They are not mine necessarily

They free me

This is why

I give them away

They are mine to give

I offer them

In order to free myself

You decide~

I see the why

In ugliness

Why do you act that way?

Because you are afraid

If fear is all you’ve ever known

How can you act differently?

Someone must show you…

To deny your wrongdoing

Is to deny my love

When will churches learn?

Reputation is only as good as

What you preserve

You protected the wrong thing my love

You protected title & ego

You insure property

At the expense

Of innocence

This is what I have to say to you

Bonnie boy~

I’m sorry you are not

You have a

Hardened heart

I saw it that day

Clear as a bell

A dried well

Nothing left to give

This is why I know

You need to know

What your church did to me

Was not okay

In any way, shape or form

So this I have to say

Twisted churches who twist truth

To suit their twisted needs?


Truth has arrived

What Truth?

The truth about Grace

Let’s get honest

Bonnie boy

Only honesty

Will free me


I think you are a weasel


I hope

I’m wrong about who

You truly are

This much I know

I can’t call you friend

I was wrong

All long

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