Lady Luck

As chance
Sneaks up on you,
Don’t doubt
Embrace destiny
When Luck has her way,
Kismet is good~
It’s a gift
A certain outlook
Some call it charm~
Show me
From One
Doctor to the next~
Love is never limited to
Earthly existence
What is life but
My Spirit within
That 7%
We all share
Of this you can be sure~
Once you have a key,
You trespass no more.
Oh just to Be clear,
Sin has no home here.
What is sin?
Not caring about anything.
No opinion
What are the chances?
Slim to none you may say~
But Lady Luck had
Other plans today,
‘I bring great tidings,
Bundles of joy!’
Some say she’s a lunatic
Others say she’s a little touched~
Who knows?
Nobody really
Owns her.
She comes and goes,
Never really stays long,
Always leaves an impression,
Has something to say,
Charming in almost every way…
Except for two things~
She’s completely
Unpredictable and inconsistent
But she’s worth it
Luck inspires like no other
She brings hope
When all seems lost
There is something
Special about her.
I am
Her and
She is

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